23.08.2012, eNTERFACE 2012

the Supélec project team organizes an international workshop on human computer interaction from 2 july – 27 july 2012 in Metz

It is already the eighth version of this international workshop which offers students and experts in the field of human computer interaction the opportunity to meet and to share their experiences in a competitive and inspiring workshop. This year it will take place in a new 800 m² research building of Supélec in Metz, in which the latest robot materials and sensors are available to the participants. The overall goal of this workshop is that both students and leading researchers in this field work together on a project for 4 whole weeks. In the run-up to this workshop, project proposals from all areas could be submitted.

The workshop eNTERFACE'12 on the Supélec campus in Metz is supported by the EU projects ILHAIRE and ALLEGRO.

For further information, as well as first impressions, please see: