Welcome to Allegro

The Interreg project ALLEGRO focuses on the development of new interactive language learning tools for German and French. The aim is to make computer-based foreign language learning more interactive, more engaging, and more fun! Our vision is to give learners tools which would enable them to exercise practical conversations, which they might encounter in real life, with a computer.

ALLEGRO is a collaboration between Prof. Pinkal’s Computational Linguistics group at Saarland University, Dr. Josef Burgard’s group at DFKI, Dr. Gardent’s and Dr. Laprie’s groups of INRIA, Nancy and Dr. Pietquin’s group of Supélec, Metz. ALLEGRO is funded within the EU Interreg IV A programme and receives approx. 2 million euros for a three year funding period starting January 2010. Prof. Manfred Pinkal is the coordinator of the project.